Nature Photographers Prayer 
by A. Cantante

Lord God we praise you and bless You
For the exquisite beauty and complexity of creation.

Thank you for the gift of vision
to see the marvels of light.

Thank you for the gift of recording these
wonders to share with those who were not there.

Thank you for those who make the finely ground lenses
through which we see and record.

Thank you for the photographic pioneers like Niepce, Daguerre.
and Eastman ,and the makers of cameras and equipment
whose constant innovations ever refine the imaging process.

Thank you for the inspiration of those gifted artists, like
Watkins, Jackson, Porter, Adams, and Rowell,

And the innumerable gifted photographers whose names
may be known only to their peers and loved ones.

May we ever give thanks to You and to those mentioned,
and remember that our work is that of servants, to point
to the wonders of Your creation..

May we ever know our place, realizing that You are the most
important, then Your creation, then the makers of cameras and lenses,

And those who view our work, and then, only lastly,
our humble service made possible by Your gifts.